Xavi believes Napoli will definitely attack – be careful of the 3 offensive lines.

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Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez thinks Napoli will be ready to fight with all their might. And warns his team to be wary of three opposing forward lines.

Azulgrana is preparing to take on Napoli in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 this Tuesday. With the first game tied with a score of 1-1 UFABET 

“Napoli has improved since the new coach. Have more energy and play more relaxed. Our mistakes play a big part. But we have to compete. Gotta do better than playing out there. (First game at Napoli) and must do better when playing at home.

“I expect to face Napoli who play boldly and with high pressure from the back. That’s not a guess. They have very high quality players. All three offensive lines are full of quality. It’s an important game. And they are a great team Champion from Italy.

“Montjuic has to create an atmosphere similar to Camp Nou. We have to fulfill that. We need a 12th player who will play a big role on the European stage. It must be a field full of pressure. The players must feel the passion from the supporters.

“For Napoli I like their three offensive lines. They are top players on the European stage, Politano, Osimhen, Kwara and their defence.”