Exposed Spurs ban Kane from training ground before selling out

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It’s been revealed that Harry Kane has broken up with his old club Tottenham Hotspur as well. He was banned from the practice field until he move out without having time to say goodbye to his old friends.

The relationship between Harry Kane and his former club Tottenham Hotspur was not as glamorous as he thought. When at the end before the captain of the England national team was banned. From the golden spur training ground and eventually move to Bayern Munich. Without even having the opportunity to say goodbye to his teammates

This summer, Kane revealed his clear desire to move to a different team. After being in the net for Spurs since he was a youth in the Academy. But was not successful in having a championship trophy. 

And despite a long negotiation in the style of Daniel Levy. In the end Bayern took Kane to wear number 9 for a club record fee of 100+10 million euros. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Most recently, The Sun revealed that in the last days. Before his transfer, Kane was banned from the Spurs training ground by the club. Moreover, Spurs also informed Kane via email that he did not have to return to the club until the transfer. The team transfer will be successful.

It’s equal to Kane finally moving to Bayern Munich without having the opportunity to say goodbye to his Spurs teammates in any way.

However, life in the beer city for the 30-year-old striker is going well. Even though it started with a loss in the cup final. DFL-Super Cup But has already scored 3 goals from the first 2 games of the new Bundesliga season.