De Bruyne expects a torn hamstring to miss the start of the season.

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Kevin De Bruyne could miss the start of next season after suffering a hamstring tear in Manchester City’s Champions League win over Inter Milan . And will miss Belgium’s Euro 2024 qualifiers against Austria and Estonia . 2 months ago He scored goals in games against Arsenal and Real Madrid to help the team win the treble. De Bruyne’s injury is believed to be a Grade III hamstring tear and could rule him out for up to three months. “I have been aware over the past two months that there was a chance that I was at risk of getting injured. But you take the risk I’ve had problems since Bayern Munich away,” De Bruyne said.

“So I have to say that I missed a fair amount of games as well. It was a slight tear, but today it ripped. So I can’t continue playing. Of course I missed some games, but I can still play in games like Arsenal, Bayern and Madrid ′′ ′′

I should be tested this week. I will be 100 per cent absent for the internationals, I know that which is a shame because I am about to make my 100th appearance

. Hardly any different from Pep Guardiola’s hand. ยููฟ่าเบท

“I just want to help my team in one way or another. I had an injury and I had to be replaced first. So I want to help my team in any way and I do what I need to do.