Cancelo hopes to use Napoli’s defense to revive Barca’s season.

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Joao Cancelo, Barcelona‘s full back, hopes to use the game against Napoli on the European stage on Tuesday. As a reprieve match for the Azulgrana team.

Portuguese full-back Joao Cancelo admits it has been a difficult season for Barcelona. ​​But the 29-year-old hopes to use his defense against Napoli in the Champions League Round of 16 second leg on Tuesday as an opportunity. Restoring the season of the Azul Grana team. According to a report from Deario Sport on Monday.

‘Not really, the coach (Xavi Hernandez) said he was leaving. (at the end of the season) and the team had its ups and downs throughout the season. It’s hard to explain this dynamic. But football often uses opportunities to make amends. That’s what victory over Napoli will represent.’ UFABET

‘Our season will have a different perspective. There are bad and good times in football. And we have to be united and positive,’ Cancelo said. 

The Portuguese full-back also feels Barcelona and Napoli.

The reigning champions of their domestic leagues, are facing similar seasons before they meet on Tuesday. 

‘Napoli are in a similar situation. Football is a strange sport. Their season was also difficult. They won the Scudetto by playing amazing football. After that, the coach had to be changed. But it wasn’t so accurate that they had to change it again. Because it doesn’t work. So they change again. It happens. Sometimes you try different things. But it didn’t work, Napoli had the same pressure as Barcelona.’

Cancelo also praised 16-year-old striker Lamine Yamal, who scored the stunning winning goal against Mallorca 1-0 on the Liga stage last Friday.

‘He’s an incredible player. Playing for Barcelona at 16 isn’t for everyone. He has special abilities. But football talent is not enough. You must have an idea. And from what I can see, Lamine has it. He will have a good future if he stays focused and the people around him help him stand, like [Pao] Gubarsi and Fermin (Lopez). The La Masia training center does a great job and develops great players.’