Coriander isn’t just a garnish.

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Coriander is one of the medicines use in Thai medicine. Has properties to relieve headaches due to fever If we can’t completely get rid of it, we use coriander both boiled and eaten and bathed to anoint ourselves. Let’s both eat and bathe. When cooking meat such as duck, chicken, pork, goat meat, fish, if you add coriander, it will make the food fragrant and will also help remove the fishy taste.

Herbal medicinal properties

Coriander plant has slightly hot properties, a spicy taste, and has sweating properties. Causes more measles rashes, expels gas, improves appetite, relieves ยูฟ่าเบท bloating, flatulence, and removes fishy odor. Improves blood circulation. Coriander fruit has slightly hot properties and a spicy taste. Makes rashes go away faster. Improves appetite. Deodorizes fishy odor.

medicine recipe

1. Women have no milk after giving birth. Boil dried coriander (Or fresh) a reasonable amount, boil water to drink regularly. Or you can boil the snakehead fish head and add ginger. It will help with the flow of milk.

2. Stomach pain (coldness in the stomach area) and poor digestion. Use enough seeds to pickle wine and leave it for about 2 weeks, then drink 1-2 glasses a day (I drink alcohol) several days in a row.

3. Measles where the red rash has not yet completely come out. Use about 120 grams of dried coriander seeds and put them in a clay or enamel pot. Then add enough water to boil. (You should use a charcoal stove because the fire isn’t too strong and the charcoal will slowly burn itself out.) Place it in a room that doesn’t have drafts. (It should be a small room.) Steam seeds. Until the rash appears all over the body and then stops.

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